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Solar Solutions Implemented The Right Way

We provide solutions  and services for all your solar installation needs. From knowledgeable consultation based on years of working in the commercial solar industry, we now are providing our expertise for residential customers with the reliability of an industrial approach. Our aim is to give you the best system available for your needs.  

What We Provide

We offer solutions that work.  The prices you see are not "starting from" prices. Our goal is to provide you with upfront costing. This way you know if the solutions will fit your budget.

Your system has three main components:

  1. Your Solar Panels and Racking

  2. Your Solar Charger and Inverter

  3. Your Energy Storage (Batteries)

Depending one your needs, we have created complete packages that work and include all the hardware and installation. We have done our best to give a clear and transparent overview of what we offer.

The packages are based on rooftop installation of the Solar Panels. However, we offer ground mount and tracker installation as well which are available at an additional cost.

Batteries are sized to deliver 2 to 3 days of sunless reserve power allowing you to fully enjoy your weekend at the cottage, especially when the weather is not at its best and you are spending more time indoors.

The solutions below are primarily based on rooftop solar module installations. They are the most cost effective solutions to get started.

Additional options are available with detailed cost breakdown on ground mount, tracker solar module and battery storage options.

SchneiderMPPT 60-150


Enjoying Your Time Away



Enjoy the Quiet

Installed: $7,500-$18,500

for a 12VDC or 24VDC system and 2.5 or 5 kWh to 10kWh of batteries

Installed: $19,500 - $29,000

for a 3.8kW 110/240VAC

and 10kWh/20kWh of batteries

Schneider Large XW


Enjoy the Cottage all summer long


Living at the Cottage

Find Out More

Installed: $28,000 - $39,000

for a 6.8kW 110/240VAC

and 20kWh / 40kWh of batteries

Schneider Large XW Year Round_edited_edi

Installed: $40,000 - $65,000

for a 13.6kW 110/240VAC

and 30kWh / 60kWh of batteries

Retreat-Large Home Solar


For Large Homes and Retreats

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Know Your System

Find Out More

We offer additional "Insight" bundles that can be used in any room, kitchen, workshop etc, to show live system status and information

Installed: $65,000 - $180,000

for a 10kW - 50kW 110/240VAC or 3 Phase

and 40kWh / 100kWh of batteries

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