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Everything you need to have a great time at your weekend cottage.

Our "WEEKEND COTTAGE" Solar Solution will cover all your needs to enjoy your cottage throughout the season.

  • At 3800 Watt of continuous power you have freedom at your finger tips. No need to run that generator. 

  • Enough power to provide you with all of the little luxuries you enjoy. Brew your coffee in the morning and enjoy it with some freshly toasted bread, or complete your weekend projects with your power tools with ease and reliability.

  • Enjoy the freedom of full refrigeration capabilities to keep all your weekend treats cool, and even run a freezer for some delicious ice-cream to enjoy on the deck on a hot summer day.

  • In the evening keep the lights on to have a cozy movie night or get the family and friends gathered for game night. The serenity of your getaway and the beauty of nature will come together with this quaint but fulfilling setup.

Schneider 4048 system

Cottage Solar System Size and Price





10kWh Flooded Lead Acid

Mono Facial ~2000Watt

Schneider SW 3.8kW 48VDC




$19,000 installed

20kWh Flooded Lead Acid

Mono Facial ~2500Watt

Schneider SW 3.8kW 48VDC


$23,000 installed

20kWh Flooded Lead Acid

BiFacial ~3500Watt

Schneider SW 3.8kW 48VDC

Ground Mount

$29,000 installed

Rectangle Shapes
Customize Your Solution

Each of our packages come with the option of customizable features and solutions. Additions include:

  • A tracker solution 

  • Selection of different Battery types

  • Selection of battery storage size from 1kWh all the way to 100kwh and beyond

  • Customize your Solar Panel Wattage

  • Select between Mono and Bifacial Panels

  • Customize the kW from 3.4kW to over 200kW, Sizing of your inverters and or chargers is easy and cost-effective.

We are more then happy to assist you with all of your needs.  The packages that we have will suit most peoples expectations and are built in a way that allows for options of future customization as your needs change and evolve. Your solar investment is secure with BH Renewables, and you can build on it as you see fit.

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